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New and kinda nervous o.o

I think modern social media has me being a big scaredy cat LOL

Hopefully I don't accidentally do something rude or weird, I added a bunch of blogs with cool themes to my favorites but I'm not sure if that's?? Weird?? But they looked so cool I wanted to be able to find them again later! ><

I should probably put some info about myself on here but I'm being a big coward about that too LOL

The internet can be a scary place 0_o but this site, neocities, what was that old-school youtube-like website... they make me feel chill, so I figured I should actually try it out :)

I hope they all stay for a long time! I remember this one YouTube alternative site didn't last very long because of server costs :( I think running a website must be pretty hard, so it's exciting to see so many sites trying to bring back oldschool net vibes! I know I could use a bit of a cleanser from the modern web :)

Man, now I'm REALLY wishing I could remember what that new old YouTube site was called... remembering it makes me wanna poke around on there again lol

EDIT: I found the oldschool YouTube site! :D It's called BitView!

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