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The Peaks of The Previous Week

Hello everyone! I am extremely sorry for not writing, I just have not have the motivation. But I absolutely refuse to let my fatigue come back and take away my blog— I will continue and force myself to write even if I don’t want to. This will improve my mental health and give at least one person entertainment!

A lot of fun things have happened in the past week— I got to call with a friend, and just a lot of really small actives have made the past week luxurious.

I have this AMAZING bff— Eden! And me and them called, and it was really really fun. We played a horror game and he is so funny— I definitely had LOADS of fun. We played, we joked, we talked, I don’t think I remembered any of my worries while I was on the phone with them. It was definitely calming and he’s like a safe space for me— they’re very open and accepting. Love them forever.

I wanted to #SOULMATES but wouldn’t that be a little funny..? Haha. I also went on a few car rides this week! I LUV riding in the car,, so amazing !!

There’s so much more to talk about but I don’t wanna squeeze it in one blog. So maybe I’ll make another, love all of you guys!! Goodbye!

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