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today, the class is a mixed batch of energy and exhaustion. the strange pulse of a divided energy, and somehow the longer i sit here the urge to shut my eyes and drift off becomes apparent to my mind. my teacher's voice is soothing and a strange reminder of all the stories i was never told as a child. i often spend my time in this class pondering on the past. wondering what could have been and what could be. 

the atmosphere is unexpectedly inviting and yet, the root of stress. an evil seedling planted at the very beginning of the year. the seedling with its roots spread through the ivory cages of those who chose this torture dies as graduation comes upon us. the end is so near, but each day feels longer and yet only lasts for so long.

time is an illusionary concept now, and so i rarely check the time. staring at the clock, no longer an action my muscles remember. now, i wait for that shrill bell to ring and release us from the temporary shackles we place upon ourselves as we sit here, obedient to systems not meant for us. 

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