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gonna try and do this to help me cope

things that upset me today ( 6pm to 10pm 5 / 29 )

resolved = 

unresolved / bad outcome =  

 🟡 - mild discomfort

🔴 - made me extremely upset

⚫️ - episode was triggered over it

orange egged on something that petal was doing that she knew i really hated because i had a conversation about it with her a few hours before ❌⚫️

orange said something that came off as a little passive aggressive about how petal talks to me and it scared me a lot ❌🔴

i briefly mentioned to petal that i took a picture of myself and she didn't ask about it ✅🟡

i thought she ignored my selfie because she kept posting after i posted mine ✅🟡

i feel like i misconstrued the way orange speaks to me when talking to petal and it made me feel like a horrible girl ❌🟡

orange posted a vomit emoji and i thought she was trying to vague that i'm disgusting ❌🔴

i talked to petal about my symptoms to try and relate the the apple situation to my experience , it seemed to make her uncomfortable / bored ❌🔴

petal left me on read ✅🟡

( not gonna specify this one because it makes me feel rlly rlly stupid  ) ❌🔴

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