Honest question: Why do so many people LOVE Juno?

I don't think it's a bad movie or anything but I've seen so many people being like OMG I LOVE JUNO. I just think it's fine.

The soundtrack is pretty good though, I've heard that it was Elliot Page himself who chose the type of music his character would listen to.

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as a staunch junobug i think i'm apt to answer this question. i think a mix of the incredible soundtrack (kimya dawson!), /INCREDIBLE/ cast (j.k simmons.. micheal cera.. elliot page.. oh my gyod) and sickeningly 2000s vibes, it just gave me really homey and comfortable vibes. juno is a great character whom i'd love to reach the same level of not-giving-a-fuck-ness of and micheal cera being a baby daddy always makes me LOL because i'll never see him as anything other than infamous loser scott pilgrim (another amazing movie). i wouldn't consider juno to be a masterpiece but 'comfort movie' sounds like a suitable title. it's just cute :-), i understand why that wouldn't be for everyone though, i think it's pretty unconventional and hits a niche that would probably be a little confusing if you're not apart of. zany, cute and dated. also HER FUCKING CHEESEBURGER PHONE!! sorry i'm done

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Oh yeah, I completely forgot that J.K. Simmons in this movie... also Rainn Wilson???
And yeah, I absolutely love Scott Pilgrim.

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OMG AND *I* FORGOT RAINN WILSON absolute stacked cast. i swear the first time i watched scott pilgrim it like. totally altered my brain chemistry. kim pines is my favorite like any sane human being, but wallace wells is a runner up. unfortunately i haven't gotten around to the comics yet :( !! have you?

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So if I remember correctly, the comics were released in 6 volumes, right? I think here in Brazil they only released them AFTER the movie and split them into 3 volumes instead of 6. I only have volume 2, which I guess is originally volumes 3 and 4.

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