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Phobia is a weird thing, right? Every time someone has one specific phobia and you don't, you think "how can they be afraid of THAT?" I knew someone who was afraid of cats, for example.

But anyway, my biggest phobia is apparently very common. I am absolutely terrified of thunders. Every time there's a thunderstorm going on I just think to myself "Well, this is it. I'm gonna die soon." It's just something irrational that we can't control.

If the power goes out at night during a thunderstorm then it's just the worse feeling I can possible have.

I'm not afraid of the dark or anything but I simply can't sleep with 100% darkness. About 3 years ago the power went out around 1 PM and it was only restored at 6 PM of THE NEXT DAY. So yeah, I tried to go to sleep at midnight that day but could only sleep at around 6 AM when the sun was starting to rise.

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