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keys of my songs (2022)

I didn't make as many songs in 2022. Junior year was tough, and in senior year I wanted to make sure the songs I was making were actually good. 2022 is currently the last year during which I have released (non-joke) music.

Bear in mind still applies from my first keys blog.

smile and wave (february) - g major

bookstore (march, unreleased) - c major

will o' the wisp (march) - c major

rate your music (april) - a major

the oligarchs (may) - e minor

hi worms (june) - c major

human father (june) - c major

honeybee (july) - d major

i wanna do everything (july) - g# major

man and woman (august, withdrawn) - atonal

five (august, unreleased) - d major

i've been trying to make my own cheese (august) - a major

npc (august) - g major

untitled (october, unreleased) - g major 

i'm a dumbass (october) - atonal

bill wurtz (november, unfinished) - c lydian

During the first couple months of school, I tried and failed to get "npc" in a state that I was happy with. For some reason I can't recall, I released it in november and resigned to it just being shitty and that being that. Disappointed, I then vowed to put more effort into making my songs sound pleasing to the ear. Due to a combination of a lack of short song ideas and a bunch of full-length songs that I've been sitting on (the amount of which only growing), I haven't released much recently. Anyways, most of these songs are available on my bandlab page. For the ones that aren't, you're not missing much, I promise. Out of these, I'd recommend "honeybee". "hi worms" and "will o' the wisp" are good ones too.

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