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keys of my songs (2020)

Hello, Spacehey-website users. I am make a blog on my computer. THis is one.

I made many song in 2020. Some of them were bad. None of them wer good. Here are the keys that I think they are in.

Bear in mind: I have no idea what I'm talking about, and I am insane. Please feel free to draw and quarter me if I notate something wrong.

why can't i do that (january) - c major

just lay down (january) - f major

parallax (february) - c major

contingency (february, unreleased) - g# major (whole-tone scale)

behind bars (april) - f major

zzz (may) - d major

dreamt brulee (may) - e phrygian

zyzzyva (june) - c major

the before times (june, august) - f lydian

brother (july) - g# major

to it (august) - c major

cancel (august) - c major

i asked god and this is what he said (september) - c major

jokes are funny (september) - c lydian

alone (october) - g major

lipoma (december) - g mixolydian/atonal (movement 1) a major, a# major (movement 2)

overheard (december) - c major

This took me a while to make. It was fun. I will do it for the next year at some point. If you want, you can find these songs ( at my band-lab page (beware: the song ar BAD! except for overheard that one's good)

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