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bibi coded dream

i'm feeling funny , because i had a very bibi coded comphet dream

it was a little brief , but i remember we went to this little photo booth thing . before we used the photo booth to take pics i just propped my phone and recorded us . we were ? a little ? love dovey with eachother ? i guess it was more of a tension . anyway i remember LOVING how romantic it felt !! like the whole going in a photo booth with your lover thing but i don't remember how he looked at all ,, i think he might've been faceless ? idk after we parted ways i immediately watched the video just to see if i looked pretty during it . and i did , so i was happy . then the rest of the dream i just thought " waow i have a boyfriend " every couple of minutes but i don't remember feeling very happy about it . it was in a more " hm . so that exists " way . 

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