Generic Anime Convention 2023

Went out to an anime convention today with my cousin and sister! Originally I had planned to go with a couple of friends but there were some serious scheduling issues so we decided to split off... still wish we could've gone together tho :/

I spent most of my time either in the arcade area or with the vendors. Surprisingly, I only spent about $30! Much better than last year. I ended up with 3 small prints and a keychain.

Oh, and if you were wondering (you probably weren't) I was absolute dogwater at the arcade. Rhythm games just aren't my thing, I guess? Even Sekai is hard for me, so forget those rainbow washing machine looking games. You wouldn't believe it, though: when I was playing (second easiest difficulty level lmfao) the guy next to me pulled out gloves and started to play at max difficulty and ended up with 95% accuracy. Gloves!!! I ended up chatting with him and he told me he basically came to the convention mainly for the arcade. I had no idea there were people who were that skilled and that interested in rhythm games. Practice makes perfect? (I wish I had something I was that passionate about, heh.)

My legs ended up feeling sore and my feet cramped a couple times. I was wearing ballet flats for maybe 8 hours while roaming so I can't say I didn't expect it. The thing about ballet flats is that they seem to innocuous. With heels you kind of expect your feet to hurt and just take it as part of the risk but ballet flats are fine for the first couple hours. You think "oh, so they're fine, right?" Comrade, they are not fine. You have been fooled! Tricked! Bamboozled! The lack of cushioning shall be felt severely soon!

I was wearing an Asuka cosplay, so now you're probably wondering why I brought up ballet flats when Asuka wears Mary Janes. The answer is very simple: I do not own Mary Janes. Actually, there were a lot of small inaccuracies. I don't own a red wig, either, and I am far from a redhead. My knee-socks had two red stripes instead of one. At least I had the pigtails and "interface headset" in. And no, I am certainly not brave enough to go out in anything resembling a plugsuit, so it was just her school uniform.

All that said, it was still fun as hell. I really enjoyed being out and about for the first time in what feels like years (and that's not as much of a hyperbole as it may sound.)

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