my fav alex turner photos!!

these are mainly baby al cuz he's adorable but they were all saved on my laptop! also includes some miles kane and other members of AM

alex-and-taylor 0de8c7f54aeae30abea46e332ce9098d party-turner EIOEq-Eo-Ws-AAseu-L silly-man-goofy-lil-boy bestie-goals baby-boy alex-tunerrrrr c2e3a2d539f054f3ae80c665b8fd50d5-alex-turner-arctic-monkeys shaddd Screenshot-2023-05-12-9-42-26-PM fuhhhkkkk-meeeeeeeee just-kiss-alreadeh just-KISS i-love-british-boys baby-boiiiii fetus-era-alex-t

soooo cuteeee i love him sm

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