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'Our Love Is Heavenly'

New Zealand is not often known for having incredible weather, ESPECIALLY not recently! We've been out here suffering from rain that has led to flooding bad enough to be considered a natural disaster. 

Because of this, any day when the weather is beautiful and the sky doesn't look like it's threatening to pour down again and maybe even stay that way for another day is an incredible achievement! Lately this week, we've had some of the best weather we've had in WEEKS. 

Despite working remotely, I got myself dressed and finally motivated myself to do the giant pile of laundry that my executive dysfunction has left in the corner of my room for ages. 

I'm listening to the lovely compilation album 'Le Jardin De Heavenly' by my indiepop faves Heavenly! They liked my comment on a tiktok this morning, so I thought I'd listen to them again. I want to see them live so badly, their recent gigs have looked so fun. 

What are you up to whether morning or evening? And what are you listening to? 

- Edie VC :) 

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