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ena - dream bbq 2023 news!!

soo here I am, making a blog abt ena again !! <33

if u watched the video abt season 2 ena, u can see that enas new sides are revealed as salesperson (red) & meanie (blue). { honestly I love the voice actors !! }  the game will include extra content, like animatics,  cut voice lines or jokes/memes abt the game the development team. a current price for the paid version is unknown & will depend on how much extra content is put into it, though it is persumed that the price will be somewhere under 30€. unfortunately, not all characters in the game will be voice acted, though the majority of them would have voices. (joel g finds always the best voice actors) and again dream bbq was inspired by the works of zdzislaw beksiński & francis bacon. sadly there will be no demo due to it being free :(( did u know, that dream bbq was actually intended to just be an animation, but it was later changed as a game?? 

I need to save my money for ena dream bbq !! 

sorry that it's so short! love yall

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