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whats life without colorful beads?, and my personal problem with my own mother...

someday i will run out of beads to make bracelets, my mother said i cant take them to school because they are too colorful and might give me detention (?)
i... sometimes dont understand my mother, i took one of my bracelets to school and they had told me nothing!, nothing at all!, well..., she works in the same school i go to, so i understand her concern, but from the first day the completely filled me with pressure and fear because oh no, my classmates might bully me, or i might faint again because from the hot day, or i might even break a rule...? (what)

if theres a single day were i can express to her without her calling me out that shes the victim and she works like a ton then i dont know what to do, i guess im already talking a lot...

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