I try to be the best version of myself,

I credit you for giving me that source of happiness when you walk into the room

but if I open myself up to you, you'll just see I'm nothing but a broken soul

a lost soul looking for validation, but I know I am no good to love,

I don't wanna leave, but my brain will just shut you out of my existence,

I don't think I'll ever be capable of love, no matter how hard I try to love myself

but you are so hopeful, when I make eye contact with you all I see is light,

I see pure intentions that I wish I could give my time to,

but I can't even give myself that time.

I feel like I'm sinking so far in this whirlpool, I just want to drown.

with no one in sight, I would rather sink in this sadness then give you my time of day

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This is so good!! I subbed to your blog so I can get updates. =)

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