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random facts abt ena - joel g !!:3

Ena's face was inspired by picassos art "girl before a mirror" & the art of the brazilian artist romero britto >.< 

Because Ena has a female & a male voice, many were confused what pronouns she uses - as joel guerra refers to her as such, ena uses she/her pronouns & is a female. Slightly reflecting that she has a happy & a sad side, the name ena could be a reference to the japanese words egao (smile) & namida (tears). Did u also know, that ena has a strong strong love for turron? Well, you can see that clearly in temptation stairway (fav ena animation ngl). Theres a line from the shepherd in temptation stairway that implies there is more than just one Ena, maybe as a form of species. This is evident after enas encounter with the shepherd, as she comes across a room of three other enas floating in void, spmetimes glitching into mannequins for a split second (proven late in ena dream BBQ). I was pretty confused about how enas name is pronounced because of moonys nicknames, but it is pronounced as "eh-na"!<3 but it also has been stated on twitch streams, that enas name doesnt have any definitive pronunciation & it is entirely up to fans on how they want to pronounce the name.  THAT WAS IT!!<3 please comment more facts if u know some!!

bonus fact that made my heart melt: ENA SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK AAAAH >.<

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I was confused abt her prounouns awhile now(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)
But infact I understand things more now! TY

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Made me learn alot abt ena, THIS IS SO RAD HEHEH!! LOVE IT FR

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by samina; ; Report

OFC!! Make more blogs im interested! <3

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