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not even a day ago i talked to my therapist and he told me based on everything i said that i want to be an ethereal being. like I'm bored of everything. but not in a teenager way-bored-of-everything, more like.. jobs, you must work to earn food! which is alone a weird concept(why isn't food free??) but then you work your whole life and get maybe like 2% of the time left to use it on travelling or smthn. like i wanna do more! i wanna be more!! eating, sleeping, working and studying is boring! nothing has a higher purpose. nothin!! xc loml got silly. but rlly! i don't even know what i want to do because everything interests me but nothing interests me enough to commit to it. i read a quote 'i was interested in everything and commited to nothing' by D. B and its so trueee!!! i don't wanna grow up i just wanna read, write, learn but not in a school way (by heart), draw and listen to/make music!! conclusion-> i am not happy in my human form. physical form is so overrated!!! i just wanna be an ethereal being, a muse, hovering above earth and doing my ethereal things :3

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those things that you described you wanna experience, i feel like that's what being human is supposed to be like. it's kinda sad that we think we'd have to be an ethereal being or live in a fantasy world in order to be able spend our lives doing what we really wanna do :/

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