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i'm still ridiculously excited about seeing three days grace live, so i want to share some of my favorite lyrics from their songs

"i'd rather be faceless in the dark than be so fake like the way you are, yeah, that's why i stay so far away from you" - i am an outsider

"and when i wish it all would turn to black i try to see the light and push the darkness back" - the mountain (this one makes me think of kingdom hearts)

"i know how you're operating, only come around when you know that i need it, cut out my heart and you leave me bleeding" - operate

"i don't like what i am becoming, wish i could just feel something" - i am machine

"i'm ticking like a timebomb ready to go, i'm a danger to myself and everybody else, i'm living like a landmine waiting to explode" - landmine

"i don't care you can say what you want to, i am who i am and i'll never be like you" - so what

"fallen angel, just let go, you don't have to be alone

fallen angel, close your eyes, i won't let you fall tonight" - fallen angel

"you take me to the edge, push me too far, watch me slip away holding on too hard" - tell me why

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