writepril day 27 angels in heaven

hiiiii guysssss s im feeling not awful today just a bit tired! gonna try and keep the good feelings UP And simply do magic on my depression so it disappears! currently marvelling at the fact that im already halfway done my shift and all ive done is steam today. which means i was steaming for 3.5 hours. that shit takes FOREVER but its kinda therapeutic seeing the wrinkles disappear. and i just get to put on a lil podcast and zone out so i dont mind that! OH i had some boy antics to talk about. so im the youngest person at my work but theres another youngster who got hired at the same time as me  whos 1 year older. he came into the showroom while i was steaming and we had some coworker chat and he brought up that weve been here for 5 months and i was like haha crazy right! and then i was mentioning how the 6 month review of my position is next month and i like working here and hope they renew my contract and blablabla. And this guy decides to give me probably the most boyish advice ive ever gotten: to socialize with the directors of the company? Like he genuinely told me as if it was an industry secret to go say hey to the bigwigs and that way they will “wonder where i am when im not there” ??????? Maybe im just pessimistic but i think that was the worst advice ever. But i do understand that for men having that bro mentality can really help them withstand their positions. I think if i casually just started saying whats up to the director of my company he would easily sniff out my r*tardation. After he said that i brought up that the heads of companies rarely have involvement in hiring processes, specifically mentioning that we were both hired by HR as most people are when they get a job. AND HE HAD THE NERVE TO BE LIKE “hmmmm im not too sure about that” I think he just didnt want to admit that he got pwned. Anyway this is probably the boringest shite ever but i needed to get it out cuz simply what the hell. Awaiting some fun girly antics later after all those boy antics <3 xoxoxox

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hAHAHAHHAHA HE LITERLY GOT PWNED . yeah hearing that shit would make me 1. annoyed 2. anxious personally cuz like how the fuck would u even go about doing that and what ever happened to clocking out and never thinking about work again. maybe if you want this to be a serious career you can try and flirt with the CEO but come on get outta here what are you doin??????

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Fucking boys. Boys being stupid everywhere every day. “Hmm not too sure about that” got me that’s how every male coworker I’ve ever had acts . Oh well at least ur winning because he’s working a girl job for girls!
Love ya loved reading as always. XOXOX

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