What's up!!!! (04/19/2023)

   HIIIII what is up good morning....I am soooo excited 4 summer. My teacher says he will take me to coffee shops and stuff so then I can get a feel for tha place, then maybe I can play music there. Or we'll just go there 2 talk. I luv him. He is the nicest man I have met so far...

   My other teacher, she says I can babysit her kid and I am kinda excited for that. I luv her so much I just hope I don't fuck it up. She is like a mom 2 me. And she thinks I'm so cool and supports me in everything I do.

  I hope that I can start a band and play cool musix with people...I wanna be like stefani, I wanna be like lizzy. I can't sing but if I can play my instruments with other people then I'll be happy...

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