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My dear lady

Wanted to pop back in and chat a little!! I'm currently on a social media break and its for a week. I've been doing pretty good so far. I won't count this or Reddit as social media cause I don't use this often. More of a ranting tool or a safe space to get stuff off my chest. I'm being very vulnerable by making these public cause I usually private everything. Anyways, I have been watching more YouTube and less TikToks. Also, I had the worst fucking Sunday cause why did I puke???? When I puke it comes through my nose and I was weak as fuck that day. I couldn't even properly shower, just sitting on the floor exhausted. I was told to eat anything before taking Ibuprofen so it could help it better. But our microwave is broken and I was too weak to even eat. I love how I spontaneously go on this long tangent. Its pretty fun when you are so excited to type. My profile looks hella cooler on my iPad though. I tried getting a 12.9 but it was too much and it would've been so fucking huge!! Who the fuck just has that fat ass laptop screen everywhere??? Back to the original topic, it ends next Monday and I might let it linger (love that song) for more than a week. But its the only place I get valuable news from. Whatever, see ya later Internet people!!!<3

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