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i always get so emotionally invested in these posts lmaoooo.

this week has been good. awesome even.

LMFAOOOOOO. i just convinced my friend i was in love with a 28 yo i met on reddit and that i sent him pics of myself in cat ears and vids of me meowing HAHAHA. i literally cannot anymore XD

anywayyy. like i was saying it's awesome!! i have so many friends that like me and love me even. things are almost perfect except for with my ex fp. idk man. i feel like i'm never going to find anyone as perfect as him. and ik i'll feel that way until i find my next fp :/ so it could be fucking YEARS FML. i am so fucking PISSED OFF. plus i started with my new therapist and man she is hard asf to talk to smh. she doesn't even try and i am extremely worried for my wellbeing. like she's a chill person but so far therapy is not going well. i've only really had one session with her so i'll give it a bit but istg it's annoying.

i also get to go on a field trip to my local theater in may!!! i'm so excited hehe X3

i hope my friends don't see me as mean or dramatic. i can feel myself thinking about all the things i did and i want to apologize for all of them.

i'm sorry that i called my friend a little gay i hope it didn't make him uncomfortable. and my other friend. and my other friend i called gay and i'm worried she hates gay ppl now. even tho she has a gay uncle she loves. and my other friend i'm worried she thinks i want to start drama. and my other friend i'm worried he would be upset that i told my mom he was afab and if he's talking about me behind my back.

i'm v v anxious as you can tell lol. plus my stomach hurts again because i had a bowl of soup for dinner and i'm so so hungry. like it actually hurts so badly i can't sleep. i'm too scared to go downstairs tho and i already brushed my teeth. i'll just eat a big breakfast tomorrow. which means i have to get up on time which i have not been doing lately because i can't fall asleep.

i am going insane rn. it doesn't feel quite like an episode but it still feels bad y'know :(

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