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Scared about the transphobic laws

Getting very anxious and worried and scared about the laws against transgender people right now. I'm not even out yet. It's gonna take years, realistically, for me, to be able to start any sort of gender affirming care and I'm already a legal adult. 

The government in my country right now hates queer people and is ran by a bunch of assholes with dangerously fascist leaning views. 

And before this government, they still rejected the law that would recognize hate crimes against us. 

Now with everything happening in America I'm scared. I'm scared they're gonna be "inspired". I can easily see our politicians making the same claims as the American ones.

I just want to look in the mirror and be able to smile. Look at me weird because of how I dress, I don't care. But if I'm the one shivering, if I'm the bug that you can easily step on, maybe you're the threat. 

I can't see the "gay lobby" they talk about all the time. I just see the society around me, deeply rooted in outdated views and hate for every minority group. 

They say they're scared the kids are in danger. Look at me. I'm a kid. And the danger is you. 

My heart goes out to every single person that has been, is being and will be affected by the laws being put in place, whatever the country is. I'm so sorry. You don't deserve this. Please never stop being. Until they'll see us as human, we'll be the bug infestation they can't get rid of but please, keep yourself safe. Love you all.

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