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All About Lily Chou-Chou (autoplay music)

i watched All About Lily Chou-Chou only two days ago, but I haven't been able to erase it from my mind. my life is very different than the kids in the film, i live in a city where they live surrounded by farmlands, my education is coming to an end where they are still in junior high, but all the things that they are portraying i could identify with. all of the emotions portrayed, i found them in myself. i found myself hanging on to every segment and plot change and by the time the movie ended, i found the ending emotions correlated so closely with my own from this point in my life. now i of course did not go through everything the characters did, but i find that i've been sharing that same feeling of being,,, so unsure of what will happen next, and even feeling like i cant even imagine my life moving forward. what can i possibly do next? what can possibly come after this? all the anguish and anger and horrible things, how will i move on? it feels like i will always be stuck here, in this state. i've come to be obsessed with the music in the film, maybe its after seeing all the kids on the film connecting with it so much, but its also just beautiful music. i have a friend who's never watched the movie, but absolutely loves the album. i feel myself drawn to the Ether mentioned in the film, feel like every time i listen to the album i can sink into, feel all of the emotions embedded into the songs. even though the artist is fictional, the music was still made from a genuine place i believe. i wish i could understand japenese just so i could experience this film and its music in its raw form, free of translation. maybe the Ether will help me move forward, or maybe i will use it to keep me here, stuck. but i am ready to see

here is a link to watch the movie for free its one of my favorite sites for free movies (and tv shows)(i found that the english 1 subtitles worked well, they were always on time and stuff)            


and below is the entire lily chou-chou album, kokyuu. i urge everyone to listen to it. i would give specific songs for recommendation, but i fear i would just list every song. best way to listen is to hear every song in order, like its listed in this playlist.

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this movie is everything to me

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real real

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it's been a few months since i wanted to watch it, you convinced me to do it tonight :)

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i watched it yesterday and i loved it so much i had to make a profile layout for it. all about lily chou chou is life changing for sure

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this film changed me, fr.

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Ive just started listening to lily chou chou! My favorite song from the album is “Erotic” <3

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gem of a film 🙌 love the song “glide”

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