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Y2K Party!!!!

me and my friend clara went to this Y2K themed party it was so fun ! (all pictures taken on my flip phone)

(taken by a friend)

(claras dressed so much more on theme than me lmaooooo but this is just how she always dresses)

(the pda was baaaad like chill do that in your own house)

(and the outfit i shouldve worn)

the party was so flippin fun but it did snow all day before the party so there was less people there than if it hadnt. but this was definitely the smoothest party we've been to ! not a single mishap. wish i would've been brave enough to ask for this one dudes number but we cant win them all.

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Woahhh way too swaggy !

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i love both fits honestly. they're both on theme in a different way.

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