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i talk about my guitar journey because im bored

Music has pretty much been a massive part of my life, as it is for many people. (god the most basic ass opening of a writing ever) My dad always played music around as far as I could remember, he played guitar. I'm pretty sure the electric he has is from his high school days if I remember correctly. When I was younger he would encourage me to sing more than anything else musically. He would play some song and I would sing along. In 4th grade when I was given the option to do orchestra he wanted me to play cello or something since it was close to guitar, I chose violin then jumped off as soon I was able to play in band.

I didn't gain real interest in guitar till sometime late middle school or early high school, but was pretty on and off. I didn't properly start practicing consistently till my beatles hyperfixation which started around late 2019 I think. I was learning iconic riffs and even solos, I used to know one of the get back solos and the hey bulldog solo and probably many others. The only remnants of this era I can still play is the day tripper riff and you've got to hide your love away. I kinda want to relearn some of those guitar solos but probably wont practice enough to retain them.

Bass guitar on the other hand, I quickly gained interest from watching a video of Paul's bass in abbey road. Hearing the bass alone of I want you (she's so heavy) changed something in my brain. I became obsessed, I begged my dad for a bass. I was set on getting a violin hofner like Pauls. I didn't get my hofner but I still got a pretty sick bass. I learned I want you (she's so heavy) and other iconic classic rock bass lines. My dad gave me a few bass lines to learn so we could play together. Whenever we meet we usually play badfish by sublime but we used to blast killing in the name of. 

Since I don't have to go to my dads house anymore I built up my own setup, after the divorce my dad got me my own acoustic guitar and he let me keep the bass guitar his friends uncle made. When I graduated high school I used my graduation gift money on my very own electric guitar and not long after bought myself a small orange amp.

Recently, I've mainly been practicing the same two songs beast monster thing and ghost of bob saget by car seat headrest. I've been practicing a bit more consistently but kinda been abandoning my bass, she needs some love. I wanna start making music at some point but i feel like I gotta properly play other peoples songs before I can shit out my own. And like music theory and that stuff whatever. This writing probably sucks and very rambley I dunno I'm tired of typing this

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