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This week sucked ass

I tried to c0mmit suicide but my friend st0pped me. I ended up in the mental h0spital for a few days and g0t 0ut on good behavi0r; then I helped m0ve and clean an entire h0use. And while that all was g0ing 0n I got sick.

Als0 my dad was angry bc I attempted, he was "s0 dissap0inted in me" 

 SO i wr0te this bc I hate him.

Your father could have been kinder he could have been gentler he could've held his tounge and his fists. He was not those things. You where never good enough to earn those things. Even close to death you where not enough for him..

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That certainly sounds like an awful week, but you should be aware that as silly as it may sound, not dying that way is a big step forward, even if you did have help. It sounds like you have a good support system, so keep letting them help you and keep working towards getting better, which will be hard but more than worth it. I hope you have fun on your upcoming vacation, and stay well!

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