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I'm so fucking tired, I have nothing to live for I've been to so many hospitals and nothing has helped me I cant do one simple thing as killing myself either. I wish I just I just get fucking shot in my fucking skull. No on loves me and I cant blame them because I hate myself also. Its useless to try anymore im to far in a hole. I just wanna die and cant. I dont feel like letting people know whats wrong with me because, it makes them sad and Im tired of messing up shit so ill pretend Im perfectly fine

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I’ve been there and it sucks, I know. But i promise that even if in reality no one out there cares, people here do. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’ve got an open ear.

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That's not true, we love you. SPACEHEY love you! Plz find comfort in life it helped me. I felt like how you felt but I found hobbies and others tiff that make me feel better.

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