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tomorrow i have a critique for really my first proper art project of the semester. i like it and i think i executed what i imagined, but i worry its not enough. it bothers me that i worry this. it's not too small, i like working on a relatively small scale. it doesn't look sloppy, it looks how it should. i could have painted part of it white but i dont mind keeping it the way it is. i only worry it's not enough because i didn't have to kill myself to get it done. i got it done entirely in class, with lots of time in class to relax and take breaks. this is healthy, isnt it? this is healthy but it cant be right, right? because last year i was fighting 24/7 to perfect everything and everything and work and sweat and paint and sew and breathe wait no breathing we don't have time for that i think there should be more of this i think there should be more what if there was more you know i really wish you did more of this

the limb never leaves immediately after you cut it off


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