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Online School is a nightmare.

I have been having an ungodly bad time at school as of late, none of my grades are passing, none of my teachers have been helpful unless I force them to respond to me, and above all of that my principle has tried to forcefully withdraw me from the school now. 

So things aren't really going well and I don't care because (most of it) is not my fault, I wasn't able to do any of the work... just because and I still don't understand why. Just kinda started working one day after not working for almost a fucking year.

And also my attendance has been in the shitter as well considering that the system itself can't even account for its own students correctly when multiple people have this problem where it marks them absent even though they are already logged in! When the teachers were asked "hey is there anyway this problem could get fixed" by more than 10 students in the class because they cannot read the chat correctly, they said and I quote "its out of our paygrade".

Absolutely broken system from top to bottom, and I would be laughing at all of it if I weren't the one being hurt by it as well.

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Jeez I can tell you my Time in Online school Was horrible. I feel you man. I str8 up cheated the whole year

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Yeah, I did too for a while but stopped after my assignments stopped working and even after they started working I didn't cause my grade was already in the shitter.

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