Anime review: Buddy Daddies eps 1-5 review

This anime is insanely cute and I can't tell if it's a tear-jerker or if I'm just emotional.Buddy Daddies - Wikipedia

Episode 1: Their character designs and personalities do not line up and I LOVE IT. Rei is very chill and relaxed even though he looks up tight and even though he supposedly has a short temper it only shows with the people that they're supposed to kill.

Buddy Daddies – Episode 1 - Anime FeministMiris introduction during this episode was also hillarious and very chaotic. I'm excited to see more of her character because theres been a bit of foreshadowing that her personality is just her outter shell and that her character has more depth than that.

Buddy Daddies Will Only Truly Succeed if It Gets This Vital Story Element  RightRei as a character seems to be a very hard shell soft inside character and i love it... i find the reason he sleeps in a bathtub (i won't elaborate because i dont want to spoil it) sad and I hope he gets his cat back since they have a kid. His character overall is very cute and soft to me.

Buddy Daddies: Rei's Double Personality Makes Him the Anime's Best CharacterMy thoughts on kazuki...I love how protective he is but i feel like hes just like every other character and has a dark past which is unfortunate but id love a bit more backstory for all of them. He is probably one of the characters in this show that i'd like to see more of personality wise even just some foreshadowing. 

Kurusu Kazuki (Buddy Daddies)Overall these first 5 episodes were really cute and i was on the verge of tears the whole time. The cast works well together and their interactions are adorable.

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