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my life is different now. so far its a beautiful thing. i am, however, part of the unfortunate group of people which believes that if you get a good thing you will soon get a bad thing. i fear my luck is running out. i slipped on ice last night. i try not to think everything's a sign but sometimes i cannot help it. i skipped class today which i know i shouldn't do, but sometimes, the rope feels very short. tomorrow i will get back on the wagon and be good and perfect and do what im supposed to. for now i'm on a couch. trying to write for a class when i should probably go to the school building to do an art project. i hate being in that building more and more each day. ill grow to love it again in a different way. for now i'm on a couch. my carpet is vacuumed and the kitchen is clean. for now i'm on a couch.



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