Pronouns + DNI (PLEASE READ)

here's a link to my


  • Racists, against Black Lives Matter
  • Pro All/Blue Lives MatterΒ 
  • Misogynists, homophobes, transphobes
  • Anti-Semitic
  • Islamophobe
  • "Minor attracted person" aka pedo
  • "Pro-life" anti-abortion fans
  • Ableist
  • Using slurs you can't reclaim
  • Climate change deniers
  • NFT/bitcoin fans
  • AI fans. Fuck AI.
  • No murderers or fans of murderers
  • ...if you haven't read my pronouns page. It's literally the first thing linked.
  • ...if you are overly flirtatious and weird/too sexual or affectionate
  • ...if you think I'm interested in datingΒ 
  • ...if you disagree with intersectional feminism/are a TERF
  • ...if you think the way I identify with my gender/sexuality are up for debate
  • ...if you think the things above are up for debate

Found this quote in someone else's DNI and I think it's really good to include here:

please be critical of your interests, nothing is inherently perfect or good, so be mindful of the source material, humans are inherently political, and so is the media we consume in one way or another

If you don't think we'll agree on these things, please move on elsewhere or unfriend/block me. I'm not a perfect person but I continually educate myself outside of Spacehey.Β 

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