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Today was an interesting day. I went to a new place I've never been before I experienced four new alternatives to outdated healing practices. I was very pleased with their results when I experienced them. I can't say that the relaxation efforts of those healing modalities lasted me all day nor can I say did the efforts of those healing practices last me 5 minutes I did feel relaxation while going through those healing modalities. It was nice to try something new it was nice to feel relaxed but now that I am out of that environment which produces a relaxed state and no longer feel the effects of going to that place and going through the healing modalities that they offer. I initially expected to get the package that I signed up for and paid for but some of their equipment was down and they notified me on my way there so I was basically taking my surprise by the change in my plans.

I'm still very much interested and going back to the place that I went to and getting different healing modalities that they offer in conjunction with the other things that I am doing to heal and release all of this trauma-based energy from my energy. I am not the type of person who does a lot of non-physical things for my health. I like to take herbal supplements, I like to talk to a licensed professional, I like to work out And stretch, I like to visit my very specific healing team. My healing team are very specific people that I visit and pay money to to actually assist me in this healing from these trauma -based energies that are being released from my energies. For some people waiting around for an invisible being to heal them instead of being that force that goes out and initiates healing with the correct people. I like to go out and initiate healing with the correct people. Everybody and anybody who identifies as a Healer is not my healer. I'm very specific for a reason because I do not like how some people like to push their own perspectives on others as a way to make them insecure when truthfully the original perspective Pusher was the first person who was insecure of themselves so they push on others their perspectives.

Here I will not list the specifics of my healing team because that is private but if you are interested in attending seminars or going on healing resorts Then I could point you in a direction of many options for you to choose from on what's best for you. I always recommend that doing what's best for you is not at the detriment to any and all and it should not be to the detriment of people in general. Me personally like I said I don't wait for some invisible being that is not "proven to exist" or maybe "does exist" to heal me I choose to heal myself through my actions. Those actions may be like I said going to my healing team. None of my family members are on my healing team. My Healing team consists of actual physical people who really exist today who work as Healers and receive financial payment from me in real physical life. For some people this may seem like a lot especially those who like to believe that they are some type of being that controls everything and all things in existence therefore they don't need outside people to help them. I personally DO need my healing team of actual real physical people who are alive today that I actually give money to them for their services. My healing team are license and trained professionals such as a therapist, Life coach, and a Yogi. None of these people are related to me biologically none of these people I have had a sexually intimate relationship with because I choose to facilitate the highest forms of healing through intent NOT based on sexual attraction.

My healing team also respect me by not doing things that disrespect my boundaries and it is important that we find a healing team who knows our boundaries and has clear intent on the healing that we want to receive and also we are not in sexual cahoots with because a lot of problems that people have comes from the emotions and energy related to sexual interaction. A healing team Are people who belong to a specific community, Specific group And even institutions that they may have created themselves.

I'm not against people choosing to believe in a non-physical being that is not a live currently today to help them just encourage those people to not singularly rely on non-physical beings that are not currently alive today. May not know about all the different spiritual beings that exist outside of what they believe in only for themselves and for some people the lack of awareness is what does them in.

So I encourage everyone to create a healing team a physical beings who are alive today who currently work in The Healing Arts in the field of healing people who have certifications in or license to do such healing acts upon you that you pay for with physical money.

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