Pre-vacation anxiety

I'm pissed off. I get so frustrated when things keep piling up one over the other. I am supposed to travel to Banaras tomorrow to attend my brother's wedding while I have a shit ton of academic commitments hanging by the thread. Not to mention the complete mess of a social life that I am leading.

Maybe, the time off from college will lighten my mood and make me feel better. Though I know my sister will throw a tantrum, and my mother will get on my nerves... NO! I must avoid these negative thoughts. I can't tell the future. And things are rarely as bad as I make them out to be. 

I plan on taking this time spent traveling to connect with myself better and in touch with my hobbies. I love reading at the airport. I can freely focus on my book while waiting for the plane.

I'm too tired and sleepy to write coherently. I just wish I have more energy tomorrow.

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