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rating all the anime i've watched

in order that i've watched them. will update regularly

❤ death note 8.50/10

❤ one punch man 9/10

❤ assassination classroom 10/10 

very good and unironically gave me academic motivation

❤ tokyo ghoul 6/10 

the first season is a solid 9/10 on it's own. too bad the following ones are lame

❤ mob psycho 100 10/10 

this is a perfect anime. chill, funny, great morals. a huge must watch

❤ attack on titan 100/10 

this anime hands down changed my life. best piece of media to have been created on this earth i'm no joke

❤ blue exorcist 9/10

super chill, good story

❤ demon slayer 8.75/10

lacks depth, but the character designs and animations are positively scrumptious

❤ angel beats 9.50/10

short and effective, made me bawl my eyes out twice. def a must watch

❤ spy x family 10/10

SO CUTE like it's literally the funniest, most adorable story! if you're not watching this right now get to it

❤ plastic memories 6/10

the story is kinda cute, the character designs are good, there's a beautiful emotional moment or two and the futuristic setting is neat. could be much better though

❤ fruits basket 8.50/10

a classic in its genre. it feels a bit like reading a good, long novel. all 3 seasons are thoroughly enjoyable. i can definitely see why it's so many peoples comfort anime. didn't like the ending but that's on me

❤ violet evergarden 9/10

the prettiest anime in existence. as an autistic person, the whole "learning how emotions work" thing definitely resonated with me.

❤ the day i became a god 5/50

it's cute and i had high hopes for the story, but sadly it doesn't exactly deliver

❤ my next life as a villainess 10/10

dare i say it, the absolute best reverse harem anime. literal perfection. very pretty too

❤ i'm the villainess, so i'm taming the final boss 4.50/10

a budget version of mnlaav. waste of time

❤ bibliophile princess 8/10

a cute romance

❤ kaguyama-sama: love is war 10/10

yeah no this is peak anime. 3 delightful seasons, each with equally groovy intros (stop what you're doing and go listen to the love is war intros rn. you won't regret it). it's like the masterminds trying to outdo each other thing from death note was made into an awesome romance. such a fun and rewarding watch

❤ kamigami no asobi 8/10

a fun reverse harem with some mythology added. short but quite good

❤ snow white with the red hair 9/10

a refreshing fantasy-ish romance w/ a strong female lead. it's popularity is clearly deserved

❤ maid sama 7.50/10

i can't figure out if i hate or love this anime. it's certainly intriguing and has a developed story. at least it's finished, unlike so many romance anime

❤ kamisama kiss 10/10

another classic of its genre. def comfort anime material. it's cute and has a strong female lead; what's not to love?

❤ as miss beelzebub likes 8/10

extra points for the kawaii artstyle <3 (this is where my pfp is from!)

❤ jujutsu kaisen 8.50/10

i went into it expecting it to be super overrated. i could not have been more wrong. it's silly, but emotional when it has to, and the fight scenes rival demon slayer at times. def another must watch

❤ the case study of vanitas 9/10

insanely aesthetically pleasing artstyle. it has a good story, pretty people, and it's set in paris. and it's not finished yet so more goodness is coming woohoo 

❤ yona of the dawn 9/10

the only other good reverse harem I know of. excellent writing for the female lead + top tier characters. huge recommend

❤ parasyte 8.90/10

❤ scum's wish 8.50/10

diving into the inner workings of people's minds is something i love. oh and the artstyle is super aesthetic

❤ call of the night 9/10

the story is surprisingly exiting, but most importantly, the artstyle is awesome, amazing, crisp, crunchy, delightful, fantastic, flabbergasting, insane, gobsmacking, life-changing, phenomenal, pulchritudinous, toe-curling, seriously pls at lest look up some screenshots from this anime your eyes will thank you

❤ toradora 8.75/10

not a big fan of the ending, but i like the story and the characters 

❤ yamada-kun and the 7 witches 7/10

i liked the ending and how ambitious the story is, even it the plots gets a bit muddled at times. an ok story

❤ chainsaw man 10/10

❤ sugar apple fairy tale 9.50/10

i especially loved this for 2 reasons: the designs of the characters and their outfits, and the presence of fairies, which i love but aren’t really something you find in anime much

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