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happy thinking

i wish i could convince other people that to think positively is a genuine option. it's not hard and it helps so much. i just want them to be happier. it doesn't fix the things that are bad in the world, but being able to recognize and remember that life and things and people are never destined to be bad makes a way better difference than assuming that yes, this is the way things have to be. but it really is up to the person's willingness to just believe in the good.

i mean, in high school i was like that. i hated people, i thought everything and everyone is just naturally awful and there's no point in thinking otherwise. like, why should i be considerate if someone i think is a bitch is actually just having a "bad day"? they shouldn't be acting like that even if they are. but that's hypocritical, especially when you start leaning into the idea that you can act just as awful back to them. when you have a bad day, you don't act your best either so to put people to a standard you don't fit is honestly ridiculous.

you really do have to accept that everyone has their vices and no, it doesn't automatically make them a bad person even if they pissed you off once. or that this thing you thought was malicious of them, maybe it wasn't malicious at all. you can never guess what people are thinking, and it's a losing battle to think you do. they can't read your mind either, if they say something that hurts your feelings or otherwise they may not know at all.

and, you have as much as a right to feel things as they do. to be considerate and have patience is important, but you don't need to blindly consider everyone an angel or let them trample over you either. it's better as a general rule to hear someone out or try to understand that their impact on you just didn't align with their intentions, but remember self preservation. being positive and kind isn't about being a saint, it's just extending basic respect and empathy to others

i am sort of mindlessly rambling so maybe what i mean doesn't really get across well. but this is something quite important to me. i think it tremendously changed my life for the better and my ability to interact with others by just thinking that not everything is bad, and not everything that is bad is the end all be all

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