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  Trust Me, Im Healing. I know I am but I cant help but note how sometimes... I sit there with myself and feel my soul fading, my soul dying even when everyone's around. I'm happier then I used to be but even when your on your way to being 100%, But when your diagnosed with Depression and BPD does that feeling ever really go away? Im sober now, No drinking, No smoking, No self harm. Fighting my pains rather then escaping them with unhealthy habits. So I'm a month clean, and Im doing well but sometimes I just put my headphones in, or just sit in general and feel like the whole world is moving and I am the invisible person, sitting there... watching everything fade. New stuff has happened for me, Alot of new stuff but still sometimes, I feel like I get so observant and so in another world that everything feels I dont know...separate from me. I honestly dont know how to explain it, Its like I'm in me. I'm not present to anything around me but instead stuck inside of me, watching every movement and every next step of everyone. Until I get out of being stuck inside of myself. Whether a friend brings me back to consciousness, family, a spotify ad, or myself. Im not present but instead a roaming soul. 

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