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random yugioh facts

not necessarily obscure, just random things i feel like sharing as my head is an endless container of yugioh information

  • 遊戯王 yugioh (more accurately yuugiou) means king of games which SHOULD be well known but i have gotten the impression from many people including a lot of yugioh fans that they think it's just random gibberish...?
  • every yugioh protagonist has the same kanji for yu in their name (遊 which means play, part of the word 遊戯 yugi meaning game), judai is the only one with it in his last name rather than his first
  • yusaku's online name "playmaker" is a literal english reading of his name, using 遊 play and 作 meaning make. thus, playmaker
  • the heroines also sort of have a trend with their names, half of them have names starting with the letter a
  • additionally anzu and yuzu both have names that mean a fruit
  • kotori and orbital 7's japanese voice actors are married!
  • kenn (judai's voice actor) sang one of the gx ending songs: wake up your heart
  • ono kensho (yuya's voice actor) and yoshimasa hosoya (reiji's voice actor) sang an arc v ending song together: future fighters
  • kenshosan also recorded another song for arcv though it's not included as an ending, it is arguably a yuya character song! the lyrics clearly revolve around yuya and his feelings, it's called brave believers
  • in sevens, the main characters all sing the first ending song. there's different versions with different characters depending on the episode. it's their elementary school anthem
  • in go rush, the ending song was replaced with a cover of it by the voice actors for yuamu and yuhi
  • sevens and go rush have some young voice actors: yuhi's voice actor is 15 yuamu's voice actor is 16
  • at the start of sevens: yuga's voice actor was 15 and mimi's was 14, ironically her character is in her 30's
  • carly nagisa's japanese voice actor was a part of a cult
  • seto kaiba's japanese voice actor played in the japanese dub of 50 shades of gray as the guy (yeah, i don't know his name. the main guy, you know) and so you can hear him say things such as "i don't make love, i fuck" it's unforgettable
  • ryou marufuji always uses "ore" as a first person pronoun EXCEPT for a random commercial where he has a speaking part and inexplicably uses "watashi" here at 1:03
  • among jp fans, judai post-season3 is called 二十代 (niijudai)
  • johan will possessed by yubel is called ヘルヨハン (hell johan) after hell kaiser
  • yuma has the nickname 遊馬先生 (yumasensei)
  • the ship name for judai and manjoume is 十万 (juuman) and because those are both numbers, it means 100,000 which i think is cute
  • yuya’s awakened form is nicknamed キラートマト (killer tomato) presumably after the literal yugioh card “killer tomato” combined with the fact yuya looks like a tomato
  • yuto gets called ナストラル (eggplant + astral) because he looks like an eggplant and since he’s a ghost he acts sort of like astral in zexal

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