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daily life #18

/ 3 February 2023 /


    hi everybody, semi-late entry. i found a 500 Hong Kong Dollar yesterday when  i bought boba. anyway, the fake housemate X left at approximately 6am when i was woken up by their (plural, the bf was here, too -- he slept over (without my consent, of course)) rustling of bags n stuff. this is 2 hours earlier than what X said last week (8:35am, i guess they meant flight but i hate them so whatever).

    i went outside to check if they were actually coming back to leave when they said they would (ALSO BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T LOCK THE DOOR IN ANY WAY, LITERALLY JUST F*CKING LEFT IT UNLOCKED).

    they left behind a shit ton of things, but what bothered me the most (so far) was an entire pile of dishes and trays and utensils left in the sink from 2-3 days ago when X cooked. i washed it myself this morning because they're not coming back and there was a bunch of wet, soggy foodstuff i had to deal with. they also never returned the keys we gave them as a sign of courtesy, and i found out from my real housemate Y that the bf is coming back on saturday to take the rest of what's left...

    what the f**k?, i thought to myself. that's incredibly invasive and once again disregarded receiving consent from me, the actual tenant; thankfully, Y told me about this, because if i woke up and found a stranger in the apartment (i've never even talked to the guy, i don't even remember his face), i would start st*bbing, i think? i mean, wouldn't anyone else feel threatened? this is a form of home invasion. those keys aren't X's to give out willy-nilly -- they barely paid any rent and we let them stay for like 3 months.

    what an actual horrible human being to know and live with against my will. yeah, so i'm mad about that, but i'm glad i'll never have to see X ever again


that is all


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