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Sorry for the lack of updates this week, it's been a mental health roller coaster and I was sick for a lot of it. My mood has been especially sporadic and my anxiety has been through the roof for what seems to be no reason, anyway, enough of that lets talk about what happened since my last blog post I guess.

This guy from my math class asked for my number. We've been chatting a bit and I got him to listen to car seat headrest lmao. He has a cat and listens to metal/rock which is nice. This week I was supposed to go to a museum with some guys in my art class for an assignment but the day we picked was the day the museum was conveniently closed so we're going sometime next week instead. Today I was gonna go to the mall with friends and get stoned but my mom stayed home and got mad at me for not having my ringer turned on my phone, so I'm staying. It was probably for the best, I have no money anyway and I'm still getting over this stupid cold.

Well at least I haven't been completely unproductive this week, I've been drawing like crazy and even learned a new guitar riff. No wonder the artists best shit comes out when they are horribly depressed(/joke)

My head hurts so bad right now I'm just gonna try applying to more jobs and listen to music or watch youtube, I haven't decided yet.

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