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so the new chickens are continuing to figure out how to be chickens, i think they've made a lot of progress compared to the first day where they just hid under a building the entire day and then aimlessly walked around the door at night. they've relearned a lot of their instinctual chicken behaviors, they're not super into it yet but they've started pecking the grass and things, and by the witness account of my sister, might've even tried dirt bathing. they're also perching.

their previous owner actually named them, one is chickie baby and the other is coqueta. i can't say how much i stand by these names but i've already been accustomed to calling them such so i'm not renaming them at this point. besides, all my other chickens' names start with b so i think it's fitting for completely new chickens to have names starting with the next letter in the alphabet. also it'd be hard to think of more b names...

it feels like there's only five other people on earth that care about chicken breeds but nonetheless, it seems chickie baby is a barred rock (or one of the other breeds that look about the exact same, i couldn't say for sure) and coqueta is either an ameraucana or an easter egger.

coqueta seems to have the most trouble adjusting so far, i imagine the fact she seems to be more physically weak is a factor. both of them have very unhealthy thin legs, but coqueta has a lot of trouble climbing up and down the steps of porch. she also might just be a little afraid, compared to chickie baby she's very subdued...? for lack of a better word. chickie baby is still aggressive but for now i'm avoiding much interaction with them so they can focus on learning to figure out outdoor life.

if they gain enough weight and i can tame chickie baby a bit, i'd imagine i could start integrating them with my other chickens at the end of the week. they've already seen each other, and maybe interacted a bit? the only separation between them is this net fence, so they see each other clearly. so far there hasn't been any aggression in the times they've face each other. i thought about taking the approach i did with my baby (now adult) chicks when i introduced them to my other chickens, which was keeping them locked in the coop while the other chickens grazed, but i think this has been functionally the same thing so i might not need to do that after all

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