a strange dream I had

I had a dream that I was going to a tattoo studio in this suburb around 45 minutes away from where I live. The studio was super fancy but kinda edgy: it was like, black and fuchsia themed and had a really nice interior. Mind you, I'm sort of semi-conscious in my dream so the moment I stepped into the shop I thought "Why am I here?? I haven't booked any tattoos." The receptionist I was with called in the artist I was meant to see and she showed me some designs. I thought "Well, since I'm here I might as well add something to my right sleeve."Β 

I guess for context, my left sleeve (unfinished) is nature themed and more about my personality in relation to nature. I have a tiger, a sparrow, and flowers which have different meanings. I also have a snake with crystals which... I'm not really happy with and wish I could laser off lol. My right arm only has one tattoo and it's of Papa Emeritus III from Ghost. I plan to make it a darker theme.Β 

The artist showed me her flash book and I pointed out a bat. She said she'll get everything ready and I was escorted to this strange looking bed with someone next to it. The person next to me was a girl, maybe in her teenage years, WAY younger than me, and she was with her mum. I lie down as I was told and suddenly I'm being injected by this blue liquid?? I assumed it was some sort of anaesthetic. It was BRIGHT BLUE, and I must have been sleeping on my arm IRL because I could really feel my arm going numb lol.

My artist comes back, and she shows me the stencil... Which is not a bat. It's some random sneaker with some trad flowers on it. Cute, but not what I wanted. I tried to speak up about it, AS YOU SHOULD IN TATTOO STUDIOS, and she got all mad and the person who injected me with Strange Blue Liquid injected me again. I guess to tranquilise me. Ok weird. They kept telling me to let my weight go because I kept moving the bed to try and stay still. It was at an angle, not entirely horizontal and parallel to the ground, so I was sliding off.Β 

I never got tattooed and I decided to escape the studio. I noticed that I was getting chased by this man in a suit. Looked to be about in his 40s-early 50s, not fit upon first impression, but the man could RUN. Eventually, I knew my jelly legs would not take me any further and maybe my mistake was that I kept checking back to look, but he eventually caught me... What happened next, I could not remember.

The next thing I knew, I was--completely fine--walking back to the shop to file a complaint. It had turned into a salon. All the staff in there gave me this really pissed off look and were insistent that they didn't do anything. It had the same energy as Amy from that infamous Kitchen Nightmares episode (iykyk). This woman with red hair in particular was just murdering me with her eyes, I know she was. But I got shooed out of the shop and I started walking to my bus stop. I turn around and one of the women was chasing me, to which I tried to run and call the police or something.Β 

I never get caught when I get chased. It just loops back to me walking back to the shop. So in this next iteration of my dream, I walk back to the shop and three of the girls offer me a position as either a tattoo artist or hairdresser (what a strange combination for a business. Is this a sign?)

I decline and tell her that I'm not really interested in working in their environment. As they were sending me out, one girl was asking me if I'm not sure, the other was the red haired chick, and this girl was giving me the evils. I'm sure they were all mad at me. The red haired chick said she'll walk me to my stop, and stupid me let her do it. We walk by a parking lot where she said her car is parked, but I realise she was going to chase me with her red car. Looked like a Mitsubishi. I know, odd detail.Β 

I can't remember the finer details of this part of the dream, but it resets and I visit the shop one last time. One of the girls tells me if I dare speak about this anywhere she will k1ll me. She said "I know you'll post about this on the *my city here* Reddit!" That was r/OddlySpecific... So I'm thinking to myself "Ok, weirdo... I'm going to speak up about this anyways because y'all are rude and have really sus things happening like injecting your clients with blue liquid and then immediately rebranding." I leave the shop and go next door to a shop with a pink exterior, but a regular store interior. It was ran by someone who got out of jail and had a severe mental illness of some sort. He was sitting behind the counter, and he had another man, who was his guide/guardian was working with him and helping him. The store was somewhat busy, and I look around. He was selling all these weirdly cool things, like the old Sonic toys from McDonald's. I buy this interesting mini handheld pinball machine thingy which was really neat, and I leave.Β 

I think about what the women said to me, and everything that has happened. As I walk, I've learned to check behind my back to see if anyone was following me. None. Everything seems normal. But I don't feel safe just yet.

I find myself in this interesting bar/cinema/hangout thing. It was pretty cool. I think I was with my aunt and sister, or my mum and sister... Two women in my family I think. We were talking about what was going on and as we leave for the elevators, I get a view of the kitchen window and see the girls who worked at the salon. I don't think they saw me, but I definitely saw them. I go up the steps on the way to the elevator and FOR SOME REASON, I see Steve-O and Paul Brisske. I knew that if I were to get word out there, I'd need support. So I tell them everything that happened and they seemed genuinely concerned, telling me they'll help me out. I don't know how exactly, but they made me feel safe. We head for the elevators and leave the building. In the elevator, I see this guy from my old high school. We chat for a bit and decided to give him a ride.

My mum was driving our old car home, and my whole family was there including guy from high school. Dear reader, my mum is not a confident driver. She was driving down the highway which was downhill and she was going incredibly slow. She then gets on the wrong lane and completely goes off-road. My dad takes the wheel and drives us home when the guy from high school suggests I go to the police station and tell them everything. We ask my aunt and uncle if that's a good ideaΒ  and they seem to agree. We stopped at the grocery store and took the groceries home before going to the station. I was already starting to feel extremely uneasy. And as I type this, I do feel very strange.Β 

It was dusk when we got home, which was the apartment I lived in during my childhood. We were unpacking the groceries and I feel so strange. Something was wrong. My sister was missing. I turn around and I saw her follow someone. I call out to her but she just looked at me.Β 

The details of the dream get really hazy from this point on and I don't remember much. I think what finally woke me up was either someone was chasing me and I was just sick of it at that point, or I was about to be hurt.Β 

I've been having strange dreams recently and I don't know why. Maybe I'll put them all here.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Shameless plug for my Twitch and Instagram :)Β 

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