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daily life #15

/ 31 January 2023 /


    hi all, woke up at 9am like i usually do. i watched ep 3 of the last of us on hbo. it was a nice way to spend my morning but i felt immediately anxious afterwards to get my work done =3= (that's what capitalism does to u or whatever). anyway, i haven't eaten breakfast -- it was wake up --> TLOU. i'm gonna get boba when i get breakfast/lunch in like 1-2 hours (how ever long my body can take it <--- that sounds bad but its just like fasting, i don't even feel it). i'm not sure what to eat yet though... leave a recommendation if anyone reads this beforehand?


that is all


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tell me what boba you get!

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hiya!!!! i bought a classic black milk tea (and popcorn chicken) because i like the most neutral drink from all boba stores (i also bought donuts and a big 'ol sandwich from a few other stores to eat for dinner/breakfast)

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dude omgg that sounds good! i'll have to try that tea sometime :)

there's a boba place where i live and i always get a lavender milk boba with passion fruit boba!

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delectable choice >:)

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