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Thoughts of an Overthinker (TW)

Everything is always on my mind, I always worry about everyone and everything. I do not want to but I can not help it. Being kind is most definitely my weakness. I can not stop thinking of several things. The guy I like, work, school, college, my future, my friends, my social life. Everything piles on me like a sack of boulders on my chest. My health has taken a toll on all these worries that I can not help. I try not to stress but it gets harder and harder as I grow older. I worry that my future will not be the one I want. I worry that I may never save enough for college. I worry that I will die before I accomplish anything. I worry that my thoughts will win. My mental health is a curse and so is my overthinking. I hate it all, I do wish it was easier to deal with.

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