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rant about my eyes lmao

Im so fucking frustrated with my doctors. I was supposed to go in for my 6 month checkup of my swollen optic nerves already but they scheduled me for MARCH. the problem is- my neurologist appointment to go over the results from that eye appointment is in February. I cant have that appointment without having the other first. and the swollen optic nerves cause headaches, which the medicine i take for them is supposed to stop. ive been getting headaches nearly everyday lately. im on 1,000mg/day of this shit! and it causes other side effects- like my red blood cells being destroyed faster than my body can keep up with. numbness in my face, hands and feet, liver damage, etc. its a LOT. my last checkup showed little to no improvement so im skeptical for this one. I can lose my vision if this shit just goes on, but we have no clue whats causing it. they also said i had a hemmorrage in my eye??? but didnt elaborate on it??? so idfk. i hate this shit.

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