TW!! Su1c1de MY EX!!!! (01/30/2023)

  My ex has posted that he's know, end it. And then he sent me this HUGE message about it. Like, how I was the best, I deserve the best, and all that. The only reason I don't care if he did it is because:

  1ALL he did was lie. Everything. He threatened to hurt me.

 2Also, he probably wouldn't do it anyway cause he is sooooo lame. And weak.

  Why is it that guys always wanna do that because of me? I think it's probably because I'm the only one who ever shows empathy, gives him attention, and I'm so caring. I tell them to throw away their insecurities and be free. So once I'm gone, it's back to the real world where everybody hates him. Which is funny. It shows you I'm not as bad as they saw me. Or they're met with someone who cheats on them and stuff. And I'm actually loyal. I think it's funny. 

  And as I said, even if he did do it, well. It's not my fault is it?

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Ofc it's not your fault, he's trying to manipulate you, block their ass and if you really get worried tell their friend or mom, it's legit not your problem, you always come first

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He lives with his dad but his dad isn't exactly at home soooo....another adult knows about it but they also think he's lying since all he did was lie and yes thank u

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then ur fine, just don't respond and walk away, he's full of shit and being a cunt

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