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Morals and Morals and More Morals | Careienne

Careienne here again!!

According to Kohlberg, Lakynn should begin developing her morals. As a result, I have made sure to take note of any actions that would aid in helping me understand if she is developing properly (or ahead! Of course, as she usually is.) I will most likely update this multiple times throughout the years as she grows. 

Stage One: Preconventional.  

In this stage, Lakynn is likely to act in a way that will benefit her in some way, whether its receiving a reward or avoiding punishment. If I understand this concept correctly, I believe she is demonstrating it through eating all of her vegetables at dinner. I have created a system with her where she will get dessert if she finishes all of her broccoli and carrots. It has worked wonderfully and she has had dessert every night at the early age of four. 

Stage Two: Conventional.  

Unlike preconventional, Layknn now has an understanding of “general” moral principles influenced by me, her father, teachers, etc. The only thing is this is limited to her knowledge, such as not cutting others in line at lunch, as its based on what she knows about rules in society.  I realized she had hit this part of development when her elementary school teacher told me she had reported her friends cheating on a test since “that’s against the school policy.” 

Stage Three: Postconventional  

Bless Layknn- or Layla’s heart, she is now a college graduate with a master’s degree. It has been many years since I have last updated this, but my love will never stop me from documenting my child’s achievements. This one is one of the greatest. After studying law for so long, she has told me that she does not always believe the official rulings of courts are correct. “Sometimes the judge is biased or sometimes the judge doesn’t understand the reality of the situation at hand” she says. I think this shows proof of her hitting the postconventional (even if it is extremely rare!! She's just part of that 1% of smartest people in the world.) era (just like my queen Taylor Swift's Eras tour) since she has her own morals that may go against official law.

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