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It’s raining outside. Thats serene. A beautiful word. I like words because they combine us. But i dont like to speak them meaningfully. I hate the concept of another half. I like the idea of another world. I rely on this other world to survive as me. I store my self-concept here. But it cannot exist unattended, for what thrives without a master? Who do i invite to join me? And who will understand it upon reception? I thought love was the cipher. But love is what exists between a mother and her child exclusively. Those who search for it convince themselves of its existence outside of that, and thus live unfulfilled and without agency. They seek someone to justify their actions and provide them with a self-concept, using love as a scapegoat. Fulfillment comes from others, for humans are dependent on one another. Others are temporary. I do not seek love. I seek one who sees the world as i do. This is the true cipher. However, they cannot remain indefinitely. Rather, they provide experiences to draw from and use to remind oneself of the second and final worldly purity. Understanding. As such, such a union is most blissful when as few words as possible are shared to make it possible. Complex language is merely justification and manipulation shrouded as the sole vessel of human communication. It is for this reason that “i love you” is diluted to the point of a loss of meaning. Tears. Touch. Emanations. These are what connect us. These are the true facets of security and self.

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