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Captain's Log

Today was not a terrible day.

I had English 134 today for the first couple days it's more or less refresher classes and then next week we will be getting into the actual coursework. As I looked around the classroom according to Yankovic's generational demographic demographic scale there was at least three different generations in my English 134 class. This may not come as a shock to you but it was definitely a shock to me when it was pointed out that I was born last century. 

I had plans today but due to people being unreliable  for reasons beyond My control I was unable to get my gas guzzling SUV situated and sorted out so that I could continue doing my job, To doctors and dentist appointments, driving my son Back and forth to school and just basically being able to have a social life.

This year's year I graduate with my associates degree and I'm very grateful. This year will also be the year I purchase my first home and I am also very grateful. This year will be the year I will also buy some land which will also allow me to finally have a dog feeling guilty because my dog has nowhere to run nowhere to play nowhere to poo privately away from my house. I don't even plan to poop in my own house, I plan on building an outhouse I believe, think, feel and know that pooping outside of your house makes your house a cleaner house.

I have been staying away from my immediate biological family other than the child I gave birth to almost 9 years ago. I'm starting to feel better staying away from these people. once I complete this move I have no intentions of telling my immediate biological family where I live only my son and his father will be the first people other than myself to step foot on my land and sleep on it. I know it may take some time for my two BFFs to come sleep in the country where I'm moving to but this country is just different.

I always wanted a farm but I'm not buying a farm technically I'm building my home this year. Going to be spending the next week looking at plans on how to build the foundation for my house and then after I get the foundation and the designs together. I'll be one step closer to completing the bill on my new home and my new country.

I've been debating if I'm going to fencing my land wood fence with electric fence, Electric fence on the outside of the wooden fence of course I would also like two dogs one German Shepherd and one husky where I live that does get cold and it does snow I'm not too far from Alaska and that is one Of the places I would like to visit so I think my dogs will be very comfortable traveling with me to Alaska German Shepherds and Huskies are very furry animals.

Signing off

Commander Shawn

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